Refreshed and refactored

written by Pramod Viswanath on September 30, 2012 in blog and Photography with one Comment

Frames from wild has been sailing silently for last one year. Personally I have been busy photographing in the wild during few months of 2012 and otherwise I have mostly been writing thousands of lines of code in the concrete jungle. Scarily, I have started to love my day job as much as I love photography – again! Fortunately my day job hasn’t been a major hindrance for me in terms of getting away from my passion – imaging. Indeed I love to code and I enjoy even more understanding the underlying intricacies of imaging. It is a fascinating world, like all other things, imaging also rests on the rules of mathematics and numbers. Software design is an art too!

Zen wise, I made 2 visits to the Western Ghats this year and photographed the life of rain forests in pouring rains. Coming from a tropical country like India we yearn for monsoons to magically transform the land with rich greens that would otherwise would be barren and charred because of intense heat the tropical summer spews. Though this year the monsoons has largely failed in this part of the world, it was quite some fun photographing during rainy days.

I am really grateful that I love to photograph nature and it has played a pivotal role in my life allowing me to slow down in this fast paced world, reflect and persue understanding of how nature functions. Photography has always been like meditation to me helping me switch off from the pains and prejudices of the ‘sythetic and concrete’ life in the city. It has been a fantastic journey so far and I am sure it would be an awesome roller coaster ride in the near future. It has taken me to various places. It has given me some wonderful friends ( both in the real world as well as in the virtual world) whose associations I always treasure for life.

Many of my friends ask me how do I ‘manage’ time between my photography and day job. That has always been a challenge. Fortunately I am passionate about both. Yes there is always a bit of resistance from either sides. But it is this resistance that brings in moderation and harmony. It is this resistance that instills balances and distills purity in thought and action.

World With A WorldWorld within a world

A midst all these, my writing took a hit as well and I suffered from a serious writers block. Telling stories of my experiences in the wild was getting difficult day after day. Though I kept track of all the things happening around me as well as in the photographic world, I only recently ( last few days) thought of giving Frames from wild a new look. With the mobility boom, tablets and smart phones are of second nature to people these days, frames from wild needed to be flexible and responsive.

Being grateful to this wonderful photographic journey, I intend to rejuvenate frames from wild by giving it a new look . It is now responsive to most of the mobiles devices as well as stone age desktops. As always to FFW viewers – many thanks for your support and I welcome your feedback and thoughts on this new website.

I intend to leave you with this beautiful quote to end my writer’s block:

We suffer when we believe a thought that argues with what is. When the mind is perfectly clear, what is is what we want.

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