Manifestos of a nature photographer

written by Pramod Viswanath on October 16, 2011 in blog and Photography and thoughts and ruminations with one Comment

Below are few questions, as a Nature Photographer, I ask myself everyday.

I still don’t have a single ‘silver bullet’ answer to each of these questions. Even if I try to, there are lots of overlapping thoughts, tonnes of gray areas in every answer and finally more questions is what I get than the real answers that I am seeking for.

I have tried to stop thinking about them myself, but, it has been extremely hard to get over these thoughts. If not all, I would like to jot down a subset of questions here on my blog. I know these footprints would stay on the world wide web permanently or at least for a long long time. Main intent is, along the journey of photography and nature photography in particular, I can come back here to jot down the answers if at all I manage to find them!

Is photography just another passion trap?

Am I creative  ENOUGH?

Creative images actually happen in spurts, how do I keep the creative juices flowing forever?

 Are all my previous work a waste?

An image I made today is better than what I ‘shot’ yesterday.

Does it mean I was bad yesterday?If so I will be bad tomorrow! What do I do now ?

 I am unable to go out often to make images. Is the integrity of my work at stake?

 Is this all worth it in the end? If so, what is THAT end?

 Am I yet another ‘commodity crowd’ photographer or do I really shoot different?

 I know, the only true barrier in life is myself. How can I get over the barrier?

 What’s my value add to the world after having come this far?


These are only subset of questions that are bothering me. At the end of the day, to sum it up, the ultimate  questions that is bothering boiling hot are:


What is the very purpose of me doing all this?

 Is there a purpose at all ?

If I can’t find a purpose now, will I find it later ?

 What if I don’t find it? Is there a way out ?

Finally, should I call it quits?

If you are a photographer and your inner self keeps asking you one of these questions, what does your ‘other self’ reply? If you don’t mind sharing your thoughts here, please feel free to drop in a line or two about them.

For me, at least at this point in time, I absolutely have no answer. #tired

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