Of emotions, creations and art

written by Pramod Viswanath on July 3, 2010 in blog and thoughts and ruminations with one Comment

Feelings – that’s the word used in common paralance. Personally, for me, that word conveys anything that is intended with a lot lesser depth or impact than the word emotion. Emotions are feelings and not the other way round. Emotions can be felt, but feelings cannot be emoted. Emotions arise as a result of mental agitation, disturbance or pain. It’s a much stronger feeling than ‘feelings’. In the physical world, it’s just a chemical activity in the brain. But this message that is created by such a thing called brain is so powerful that it is capable unravelling a process called – creation. Creation in a much higher plane. It’s the plane of art.

Since the very beginning of human civilization, we have never stopped creating. There is no single mind that has ever stopped thinking unless it is dead. The very first ‘modern man’ created tools for hunting. Such a thing happened not consciously, but subconsciously. There was a sense of necessity, a sense of vulnerability, a sense of controlling the so called world that initiated such a subconscious process. With the evolving gray matter, tools were developed for re-creating what the nature had already created. And the necessity for such a creation was solely the very thought of documenting what was seen in raw nature. Thus, primordial ‘cave art’ emerged. The very first writing. The very first process of documentation. The art of translation.

Evolution of modern-artist-man has been a profound gift of nature. Complex, philosophical thoughts originated in my mind when I was watching the “Primates” episode of Life series on television. The way mother chimpanzee teaches its offspring the ‘art of living‘ was simply mindblowing. Hats off to the cameramen and the entire team of artists who brought back those intimate visuals to us.

So what does feelings, emotions, cave art, primates and television series – Life have in common? Art and its evolution. It’s a state of mind that simply existed, exists and will continue to exist for ever. Translation of emotions to something tangible is what creates art. Process of translation is creation. Trigger for the process of translation is emotion. The translator is called an artist.

Am I one?

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