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written by Pramod Viswanath on September 11, 2010 in blog and Monsoon and Nature Photography and Photography and Western ghats with 2 comments

Place: Yana

It is always interesting to view and enjoy the images or clippings behind the scenes. During my visit to the western ghats, I also visited Yana – a beautiful place that has two  massive limestone rock formations that rise from the forest floor. Words fail to express the joy one experiences when we see those rock structures. The monolithic rocks are surrounded by thick evergreen forest and streams.

Some Information about the place:

You can see me bare foot in the behind the scene photo and the reason being, this place is considered holy by the local people and there is a shiva temple adjacent to the cave. The entire rock that houses the cave is named as “Bhairaveshwara Shikara” ( that translate to peak representing shiva in bhairava form) and is considered holy. Association of godly forms with nature is quite common in India and has remained so ever since the very beginning of the existence of Hindu mythology and Hinduism. Relentless references to people’s regard and love towards animals, birds and nature can be found abundantly in Indian mythology. It is the presence of such a close religious association is what has aided in preservation of special places, indirectly!

The formation of a cave underneath one of the monolithic rocks  is an excellent place to make some abstract intimate landscape images. Rich moss coupled with monsoon wetness completely consumes any nature lover.

Visualization of composition is key to make some fantastic intimate landscape images. One more blog post on the same topic can be viewed on Landscape Wizards site here.

Image details:


Here is one such image that I made after studying the patterns thoroughly. Just before I was about to look into the view finder ( after finding this suitable composition ) and click,  is when my wife made this behind the scene image of mine.



I will also be uploading few selected images from the trip in couple of days. Keep watching this space.

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