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written by Pramod Viswanath on September 2, 2010 in blog and Nature Stories and Photography with no comments

When we talk about nature photography, we see two prominent and common routes taken by the majority of the photographers – one is photographing the wilderness and its elements for the sole purpose of documentation and the other is Nature Photography as an art – the creative side of nature photography.

Few of the like-minded Indian nature photographers spear headed by Ganesh H Shankar, started off with Creative Nature Photography couple of years back. It has been an awesome journey so far for the entire team. Of late, Ganesh was thinking about a platform that can aid in bridging the gap between field biologists and nature photographers. This was an absolute necessity considering the current scenario where everybody with a camera on hand is a photographer! Any nature photographer, lacks in-depth field knowledge.

There can be two distinct possibilities of making of a nature photographer :

1. You were first a naturalist and then your interest in photography stepped in as a necessity for documenting your findings.

2. You are first a photographer, you love nature  and you prefer learning and understanding nature better while ‘on the job’ since you do not completely understand the intricacies and behavioral information “hidden” in nature.

In both the scenarios, there is a clear gap of lack of knowledge either in terms of photography or field biology. To portray something in nature at its best, immense knowledge of behavior of flora and fauna  is extremely important. As an  harbinger of visions in nature photography in India and in identifying this need of bridging the gap, Ganesh put forth his brilliant thought in front of CNP team about Nature Tales. It was an exciting time for all of us hearing the idea and several variants in the form of different forum categories emerged.

Nature tales has gone live yesterday, September 1st 2010. We love to invite you to register to the site if you have nature stories to share with us. We also urge you strongly  to read through the terms of use and guidelines before you proceed with registration.

Hoping for a positive response from you all.

Hearty welcome to Nature Tales, nature stories unlimited . . .

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