A new journey begins.

written by Pramod Viswanath on June 27, 2010 in blog with no comments

At first I was a typical beginner who had admired some fantastic works from some superb photographer artists, before I picked up my first DSLR and there was no looking back since then.

Now reminising on some of my past experiences, Nature always has inspired me and I have always been longing for outdoors ever since I started by expeditions into the wild. Begin late monsoons of 2006, my memories are still afresh, when I made a maiden journey into the real wilderness – for me it was the southern western ghats region in the state of Karnataka. It was pouring and I never knew what real monsoons in the wild mean, till I experienced it first hand. It was lush green, dampness and moss everywhere. Omnipresent leeches welcomed us. The buzz of the cicadas and western ghats endemic birds were music to our ears.
That was the defining moment for me.

For 2 full days we spent our night in a basic accomodation under the pouring rains. It was bliss and I knew what my emotions were telling my mind. When I came back to the civilization, I had decided to pursue my passion for Nature Photography . Visibility was less, I had to work hard and I was never concerned about what others think of me. I became a weekend warrior and started to hike and roam the wild places. I made some fantastic friends during the last 4 years of my journey in nature photography and I am still cherishing the everlasting friendship and association with such lovely people who are equally passionate about nature, nature photography and art and they have been pursing the art with determination, will and passion. And as I look back, I am enthralled at the experience I have had and my association with some wonderful people along the way.

Just like “writers block”, I had a short stint of “photographer’s block” and that was mainly because of personal priorities that kept me occupied for close to an year now! Yes, time and tide waits for none. Despite all the priorities ( I hate to call them hurdles and they never are and will be! ), I was in constant touch with my fellow photographer friends who never let me down. Best part of being in such a company is that they keep your passion for nature alive and burning through their inspirational work. I must say I am lucky to have such friends. I need not name them here as they know whom am referring to and am greatful to them.

So what has changed in past few months? Many things! My thought process, way of approach to nature photography and most importantly, as you read this, this website of mine. Its been an arduous work and since the time I got busy and couldn’t make images, I spent the whole of scorching Indian summer thinking, designing and working on this new site and here it is finally. With this first blog post, I hope to keep the blog alive and kicking sharing my new experiences and discoveries I make during my expeditions in the wild. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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