I am a computer engineer by profession and my journey as a nature and wildlife photographer and love of outdoors started in 2006 when me and my friends made a trip to Kemmangundi – a beautiful place in southern part of the state of Karnataka, India. My friend Anil had just bought his new Sony DSC H1 ( a ‘bridge camera’ ) during the trip and that’s when I was solely bitten by the shutter bug. The mountains, the oceans, the jungles and the wilderness as a whole has a lasting healing and relaxing effect on my jaded mind that spends most of the time in the concrete jungle immersed in countless lines of code. Ever since I got my first DSLR, I began frequenting the wild trying to understand the intricacies of nature better and to photograph the most beautiful creations of nature. There is nothing more rewarding and healing than smell of tropical monsoon showers, the dampness, golden sunset of the western ghats, trekking the peaks of the ghats. Every time I get lost in wilderness, I always learn and discover something new. This unravelling to truth of nature is exhilerating and energizes me to the core.

Most of the time you can find me writing software programs for my living or glued to internet interacting with the larger photographers’ community, reading equipment reviews, enjoying zillions of images posted on the web or reading online journals/wildlife magazines or watching Sir David Attenborough’s programming on animal planet. That apart, you can find me somewhere in the wild at the crack of dawn – at first light, photographing NATURE! As the days roll by, my love for nature and photography is growing in leaps and bounds and I don’t see the passion subside anytime in near future.

I wish to convey and propagate the message of conservation of nature and wildlife through my photography, hence, would love to portray my work to all the people through this small second home of mine. Thanks to almighty for all the beautiful creations that he has given us and many thanks to my ever encouraging parents and wife who support me for what I am doing. I am open to comments and positive criticisms on my images . I strongly condemn and criticize downloading of any content/images on this site with out my permission and hence is strictly prohibited. Please feel free to contact me on any queries about my images by mailing me to the following address pramod at pramodviswanath[.]net.

I’m part of the most creative team( that runs Creative Nature Photography ) that I have come across – Nature photography forum exclusively dedicated for sharing and discussing creative aspects of nature photography and a team that inspires people to share their stories and encounters in the wild – Nature Tales.

I am also co-founder of a team of passionate landscape photographers and we have spun off a new venture – Landscape Wizards.

My other contributions includes contribution of number of images of Birds and Fauna for a book by Ashoka Trust For Research in Ecology and Environment (ATREE).

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