Tawny Eagle ( Dark Morph ) | Aquila rapax

Living the desert life

I just realised that I have shared very little about my experience of┬álast year’s visitation to the Desert National Park. As I reminisced on the days I traveled along the roads and dunes of Rajasthan, here is a small blog …

Refreshed and refactored

I made 2 visits to the Western Ghats this year and photographed the life of rain forests in pouring rains. Coming from a tropical country like India we yearn for monsoons to magically transform the land with rich greens that would otherwise would be barren and charred because of intense heat the tropical summer spews. Though this year the monsoons has largely failed in this part of the world, it was quite some fun photographing during rainy days.

Manifestos of a nature photographer

Below are few questions, as a Nature Photographer, I ask myself everyday. I still don’t have a single ‘silver bullet’ answer to each of these questions. Even if I try to, there are lots of overlapping thoughts, tonnes of gray …